In The Beginning

Genesis 1:1-3 | Slim Thompson


What if the greatest story ever told… wasn’t just a story?!

What if the greatest story begins with the greatest one-liner ever!? And yet it’s true? It’s not just entertainment value – its real! Today we’re kicking off a new series and we’re going back – way back! To the beginning! To the foundation of the world and to the very first book in the bible; Genesis. That’s what that word means – beginning – so this is the ultimate origin story. Genesis describes: how it all began! The original plan! Genesis describes WHO God is, How the world got here, and How our world operates today. What I want us all to see is that this story is our story. AS we study Genesis – we’re studying our story – how we got here, how life is ordered, what’s up what’s down, where’s north? If you’ve ever wanted to ask the HARD questions about the DEEP secrets of the universe, you have to go to the book of Genesis. If you’re a skeptic and want to know more OR if you’re following Jesus and you just want to cement why you believe what you believe: we need to go BACK. WAY BACK to the very beginning of the foundation of the world to lay the foundations of our faith. Join us in person (outdoors in our drive in service) or online right here as we unlock the mysteries of the universe in Genesis.