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East Waco Through Their Eyes: Shirley Langston
Ms. Shirley from Restoration Haven

As we seek to get to know East Waco, we are meeting with members of the community to ask them about what is beautiful in East Waco, what is broken in East Waco, and to finish the phrase “East Waco is ____.”

I got to meet with Shirley Langston, the founder of Restoration Haven, a community development nonprofit in East Waco, not too long ago. Besides sharing her wisdom, insight, and knowledge about the neighborhood Mosaic Waco calls home, she also answered these three questions about East Waco.

The Beautiful: Shirley noted the community and the culture of East Waco, and gave a lot of credit for its vitality to the elderly population of the neighborhood. Because of the elderly, East Waco has its own neighborhood association that maintains the history of this amazing community.

The Broken: Shirley said that the brokenness of the families in East Waco really struck her. “I know families are broken all over the United States, but I think in our culture that is the thing that really has hindered us so much, the broken family,” she said.

East Waco is a gold mine. Shirley says it is the history of the neighborhood combined with its potential for growth that makes East Waco so worthy of being known and explored.

838 Pairs of Socks – Thank You!
The Lord was so faithful during the Christmas season through all of you! Before the start of Christmas break, the leaders at J.H. Hines Elementary School in East Waco let us know many of their students have a need for socks as the temperature begins to drop. We had a goal of giving 500 pairs of socks, and in under two weeks, more than 800 pairs of socks were donated! Thank you for tangibly showing the love of Christ to these students!
This is what  838 pairs of socks looks like! If you donated, thank you for giving!
The students LOVED picking their own pair! And kept coming back asking for another pair for family members! This was a huge hit – thank you!
What Has Mosaic Been Up To?
I’ve loved volunteering to tutor and play with students at Bledsoe Miller – here is one of my students and me being goofy last month!
Last month we were able to donate 200 books to Bledsoe Miller Recreation Center. This community center is such a great resource and blessing to the residents of East Waco.
We were able to get to know our new neighbors a little better by sharing a meal with them at the Feast in the East!
Besides eating with our neighbors, we also helped sort donations at Feast in the East!
The house is coming along, which means the first gatherings of Mosaic are close!
Will you pray for us?

1) Pray for our neighbors we’re about to meet and for the gospel hospitality to win over skeptics.
2) Pray for wisdom as we take these great, big, fat and hairy plans and make them into realities.
3)  Pray for our continued efforts in fundraising. 
4) Pray for our family.  Change is hard, moving is hard, church planting is hard.  May this help us rest in Jesus more and in us less.

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Mosaic Waco is a multiethnic church, for the city, showing off the glory of Christ in East Waco and Beyond.
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