September Church Planting Update

Slim   -  

Slim and Kristen are planting a church called:


Next Summer.
If this is your first time hearing this…
Read our blog on why?

But what’s going on till then?

We’re Nose Diving into the Culture.


Prayers have been answered!

Knox is at Rapoport!

Mateo is at JH HINES

Jordan is at JH HINES.

We’re doing everything we can to get to know this neighborhood well!


Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m volunteering at the Bledsoe Miller Community Center from 3:00-5:00pmhelping with homework and free time.  But honestly I’m applying our foster-care training as I’m caring for these precious boys and girls.

Book Clubs

Soon, we’ll be going once a week into JH Hines, a school that is a focus of WISD to read and care for more students.

‘Mission was not made for the church; the church was made for mission… God’s mission.’
— Doug Logan

‘Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven.
– C. Peter Wagner

Guess who’s Coming to Church?

Read this fantastic article that should get you excited for Mosaic! 


Would you commit to praying for us?  We NEED it!

Pray for our boys as they transition to their new schools.
Pray for the teachers and administration at JH Hines.  The workload is great.
Pray we can learn how to best serve the schools.

Pray for our Acts 29 Assessment Sept. 26-28.  
Pray for our team that we’re assembling to launch this plant.
Pray for new leadership that reflects the community we’re going into in various positions (worship, childcare, outreach, etc.)

Laying the Foundation! We’re convinced you can’t love your community, unless you live in your community.    So we’ve sold our home, and we’re building in East Waco!  We’ll be pouring the concrete later this week!
This will be the future site for the beginnings of the church. But then in the Fall we’ll look to begin worship at the …

Bledsoe-Miller Community Center.

WHERE? Click here. 

Articles about East Waco and Us!