The Big News

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In case you missed yesterday’s announcement, the big news is:

God has called our family to go plant a church in East Waco.  Starting a new church out of redeemer was never the plan.  I love working here and being the right-hand man for Jeff, but… let me recast Redeemer’s vision to you:

Redeemer Exists to Extend the Supremacy of God by Delighting in the Worth and Work of Jesus Christ in Waco & Beyond

“Extend the Supremacy” – This church has never been just about us. It’s been about going out and extending God’s supremacy to touch and reach every sphere of life.  And for Kristen and me, this has meant we feel like God is callingus to East Waco.  We’ve gone to Church Planter Assessment and they have affirmed this calling.  (And just to be sure, we’ll go to Acts 29’s Assessment Sept. 26-28 to be doubly assessed).


Why East Waco?

Since adopting our two boys, we’ve felt it’s our duty and delight to honor their culture that they lost when they came into our family.  So, we’ve been reading books, making friends, and working on ways to be more multiethnic.

That area of the city is 70% African American, 20 % Hispanic, and only 10% white.  You can’t escape the diversity here.

Where is East Waco?  Think Baylor’s Stadium, Tony Demaria’s, Brotherwell Brewery, and Lula Janes.  And we’ve identified the Bledsoe Miller Rec Center as our potential meeting place.

We will call this new church “Mosaic Waco”

Just as an artist deeply cares about every individual color they paint on their canvas and each individual color contributes to the whole, so God cares about every single color on his color wheel from black to white and every shade in between. Mosaic communicates this care and love of a creator.  So, we’re a mosaic of his multiethnic church.

We’re extending the Supremacy to Waco and Beyond.   Redeemer has trained men and women for ministry to Go!  Make disciples of all nations!  And what our family is doing is continuing that legacy of pastors being trained for ministry.

We call this a church plant, not a church start.

We’re not just starting a new meeting place for people to make it easier on your drive.  We can’t sidestep evangelism, risk, and reaching the lost.  No, that area is our target.  It’ll be more a MISSION than anything else.  We’ll be doing service projects, loving that community, and yes having Sunday worship.  This will begin next Summer, but until then we have a lot to prepare.  We’ve already sold our house, we’re building one in east Waco.  Our kids are going to JH Hines this fall.  And, I am stepping aside from my role as youth director and Collin Coats will step in.

So What?

Pray. – our goal isn’t just to be a church start, but a church plant.  That means reaching the lost thru evangelism.  That cannot happen without God’s Spirit working. So please pray for Mosaic Waco.

Send. To get started we have a number of upfront startup costs to get this thing going. You can send us by securely investing with one time donations or monthly here.

GO.  This isn’t an open invitation to anyone who wants to try something different.  But for those who are really SOLD OUT for the vision of building a multiethnic church and for those who truly want to reach EAST WACO.  If that’s you, We need you.  We have opportunities this fall to serve and care for a needy school and community. If you’re interested, email @pastorslim @ [email protected]

Mosaic will be a church plant of the PCA & Acts 29